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Go on ahead. Do you want to hear more? I was choked by smoke.

I'm not cut out for gambling. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but working for my pay is more of a sure thing. I know where they are. I believe it will be snowing tomorrow. My daughter visits me now and then. Yesterday I went to lie down at midnight. I was deeply discouraged. The painting is in the Louvre, Paris.

Did Julie sleep too much?

Cristina rummaged through the drawer, looking for a pencil. I'm a mess. Can you wait a minute? Look me up next time you are in Kyoto.

She's putting the children to bed. What are your pet peeves? It's the only way we'll find out what happened. The alternative to surrender is death. I'd like to see the Earth from space one day. Marlena doesn't actually speak much French. We need to be prepared for the worst. Books for young people sell well these days.

They'll get over it. We've arrived. The box was so heavy that Trey had to help Mechael carry it home. The two factions gang up with each other. Troy has been gone for three days.

How about 12:45? Can you tell me what day it is today? Sri is always involved in scams. Don't speak unless you're spoken to. "One way or round trip?" "Um... let me think. Round trip." Dawn was quite courageous. Nobody criticizes my country. Things are finally starting to come together. The unclaimed items were sold off at auction. Ramiro couldn't help looking at List.

I want to participate. They forecast it will be cloudy tomorrow.

Please put those on the table. Are there any markets or supermarkets around here? Is it convenient for daily shopping?

Is there a barber shop in the hotel? I'm in the pool every day in the summer. He has no room to study in. It cannot be completely cured.

I don't want to be the one who tells Nadeem that Bruno died in an automobile accident. I told them to go. She skipped class to hang out with her friends. In spring, flowers grow and trees bloom. Vicki was questioned by the FBI. How tall are your parents? Do you think I can borrow your car next Monday?

I think it's time for me to take a break. Put out your cigarette butts before throwing them away! A young boy in a wheelchair asked Hans what time it was.

Things are not always what they seem. This is something new. You are level-headed. Boyce persuaded Kristen to go to Boston with him. What kind of food do you like to eat? I'm going to have to call you back. Each of us read the book in turn. An expensive watch is not necessarily a good one. Thank you for bringing her. Unless you listen carefully, you'll be in trouble later.

What's their location?

What is she like? What does catachresis mean? I don't want to be famous. Amos likes to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter right out of the jar. He's the last person I would ask help from, because he is completely unreliable. She squeezed his hand. I looked down and had absolutely nothing to say. His story may sound false, but it is true for all that. When did the Japanese start eating polished rice? Blayne launders money.

Tai doesn't take criticism well. I have an appointment with my uncle tomorrow. The last city on my list was Boston. The well has run dry. This city is so crowded that it's running out of room. This is an example of something silly. A silly example, we might say. Walt is really upset with me.

Sharada opened a can of tuna fish. They wiped out the enemy.

Are you the one who wrote this?

The short answer is no. You said you'd call. There's no salad oil left. She looks so fake. As Luisa was burning the letters of her unfaithful lover, a squirrel came in through the window and jumped on her shoulder. We'll do the best we can with it.